Highest Payout Casino Games

Highest Payout Casino Games

Finding the Highest Payout Casino Games

Ace of Spades Card. Ace is highestIf you are gambling online with real money, it is important to find the highest payout casino games and the casino games with the best odds 

These games will have the highest return to player and offer you the greatest chance of successfully making money.  

Smart online gamblers always use high payout casino games, even if they aren’t their favourite type of game to play. That’s because they can use the money they make on high payout games to fund other types of gambling they enjoy.   

In this article, we’ll explain how payout percentages work before we share the top highest payout casino games. These games have the lowest house edge, best odds, and highest payouts. After the article take a look at our best online casinos page to find a casino for you!

Understanding Return to Player and High Payout Percentages/House Edge

When comparing the return rates of online games, we are primarily concerned with Payout Percentages or the theoretical Return to Player (RTP). 

The payout percentage is the percentage of money bet by players that an online casino will pay back out as winnings. So, if a game has a payout percent of 95%, for every £1,000 the house takes in, £950 is paid to players. Return to player is simply another name for payout percentages.  

Most online games will have an RTP between 80% to 99%. This figure will depend on the type of game you are playing, any unique rules such as paytables, and the casino offering the game. 

It’s important to understand that Return to Player does not mean the percentage returned to you over a short period. It is measured collectively across all players and over a very long period of time. RTP is not measured on an individual basis for an hour of play. 

For example, let’s say you were playing Blackjack, which is one of the highest payout casino games with a high RTP of around 99%. If £1,000 was gambled by 3 players during an hour of play, potentially £990 would be returned to the players.  

However, that amount is usually returned to players in an inequitable fashion. Player A and player B, who are skilled gamblers, may take the vast majority of that money. Player C may be left with a very small amount. 

Because RTP reflects the average across a long period of time, you will also see sessions where the Return to Player is much lower or much higher.  

Its also important to note that RTP does not reflect how frequent wins are. So, if you were playing Roulette, you would win more frequently while constantly betting on black than you might if betting on the number 10. However, over a long period, the RTP would be identical because a single number pays a higher return. The RTP average will stay the same in the long term.

Understanding Variance for High Payout Casino Games

The winning frequency, also known as variance or volatility, is what makes playing casino games worthwhile.The variance affects how the RTP is distributed between players.  

The variance in skill based games is more controllable compared to randomised games like slots or scratch cards. Thats because you can control how much you bet, based on the quality of your cards when playing a game like Poker.  

This allows to increase winning frequency and payout levels with a combination of skill and a bit of luck. Players should also practice good bankroll management to maximise winnings and minimise losses.  

There are other techniques for improving variance, like splitting your bankroll so you are making more bets rather than one big bet. This is why splitting cards and doubling bets in Blackjack is often an effective technique.

Improving Your Casino Games Returns

To improve your returns, you should employ good bankroll management (bet high when the odds are in your favour, fold when they are not) and play games with a high RTP. 

Its also a good idea to take advantage of bonuses and promotions run by casinosWhen you receive a deposit bonus, welcome bonus, and free spins, it becomes much easier to walk away a winner. 

Highest Payout Casino Games

If any of the games below take your interest see our featured casino page to find places to play.

Blackjack (99% Average Payout Rate) 

Coming at number one on our list of highest payout casino games is Blackjack. It is  an enjoyable game that combines equal parts skill and luck. The great thing about playing Blackjack is that you can easily improve the variance of your wins, particularly if playing against bad players. Blackjacks RTP is very stable because of the nature of the game. If you want to play Blackjack Genesis Casinos has many games on offer.

Baccarat (98% Average Payout Rate)

Baccarat is an exciting game with avery high payout rate. Most Baccarat games use standard rules, which helps to keep the RTP consistent.

Craps (97% Average Payout Rate)

Craps is one of the most popular games at casinos. In addition to being an exciting game to watch, it has an excellent payout rate. The amount of strategy involved means payout rates are high, although that can vary greatly based on your in-game choices.

Roulette (96% Average Payout Rate)

Roulette is an iconic casino game which is simple to learn and a lot of fun. It is also one of the highest payout casino games. The RTP rate is stable for repeated low wagers, like continually betting on red or black, or spreading bets across many numbers.

Casino Poker (95% Average Payout Rate)

Casino poker has become one of the most popular ways to gamble online. There are many variants available including Three Card Poker, Five Card Stud and Texas Holdem. These games emphasise player skill and offer very high payout rates for good players.

Video Poker (95% Average Payout Rate)

Video Poker is slightly different to casino poker. Players don’t compete against each other, but win or lose based on an absolute scoring system that awards a value to every hand. There are several variants of this game, so the average payout rate can also vary.

Slots (87% Average Payout Rate)

There are many types of slots games available, with payout rates ranging from 99% to as low as 85%. Check the individual games statistics to determine your odds of winning.

Keno (86% Average Payout Rate)

Keno is similar to bingo and other lottery games. Although it has a fairly low payout rate, the payouts can be very large which makes Keno an attractive option for some gamblers. 

Scratch Cards(80% Average Payout Rate)

Scratch Cards are one of the simplest form of online gaming. There is no strategy involved and games can be played in a few seconds. Although the payout rate of Scratch Cards is quite low compared to other games, their highly addictive nature helps them remain a popular option

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